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Title Insured Real Estate Transactions

Title Insured Real Estate Transactions

We often get asked by our clients whether purchasing Title Insurance is beneficial when buying a home.

The number of advantages to having Title Insurance outweigh the few disadvantages. Therefore, Title Insurance is beneficial to the Purchasers and are required by the Lender.


  • Title Insurance is quicker: it allows the transaction to close quicker as the Purchaserโ€™s Solicitor does not have to wait for responses from the tax and zoning departments or utility companies to close the transaction. Title Insurance insures over any infractions or arrears that would affect title.
  • Title insurance is cheaper: the Purchaser does not have to pay the costly tax, zoning, and utility search by your Solicitor. Title Insurance costs less than the cost of completing these searches.
  • Title Insurance provides broader coverage than a Solicitorโ€™s option of title: Title Insurance will cover a Purchaser or Lender in the event that the survey is not up-to-date or in the case of fraud and can even insure over problems with your survey or with your title so that your Lender is satisfied and the transaction can still close.


  • Title Insurance does not cure or fix the problem: it simply insured over the matter.
  • Prior to Title Insurance, if there was a problem with your title or your survey, your Solicitor could not close the transaction unless the problem was rectified or resolved by closing. In most cases the problem was minor. Title Insurance now allows the transaction to close and insures over the minor problem.

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